Feeling the trauma or discomfort getting on top of you?

Feeling the trauma or discomfort getting on top of you?

Times of trauma and discomfort are not times to battle it out with your loved one. When you don’t feel up to it, emotions run high and anger triumphs over common sense.

So if one or both of you is not exactly coping with things, let me offer a few tips from my failures:

  • Rest a lot. And rest again. Trauma and emotion make us feel tired. Being tired makes us cranky.
  • Count to 10 before responding. Calm down those nerves so you don’t lash out.
  • Don’t argue about the orange juice. Keep the main thing the main thing. It’s not worth arguing about the also-ran things in life at the moment.
  • Take a break. Take a nap in the spare bedroom, read a book in the tub. Go for a walk along the river. When we feel confined from our stress and emotions, we need a little break from other people.
  • Say “thank you.” Even if your partner does something minor, make sure to show appreciation. If you can get through this whole thing with an attitude of gratitude, you’ll be better off at the end.
  • Help where you can. If you are both emotional, stressed and feeling unloved… grab an extra drink when you head to the fridge. Even if they don’t say so, your partner likely appreciates it.

It’s the trying times that show what we’re made of.

David Day


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