Easy to Use Easter Devotionals

There are a couple of Easter devotionals that are easy to keep up with, as they are delivered straight to your e-mail or even your mobile phone – they are;

Easter HolyText: Bible Society has set up a unique walk with Jesus this Easter with FREE real-time texts from his followers. It’s a chance to rediscover what it means to follow Jesus. Text FOLLOW to 0429 993 477 and Jesus’ story will be shared with you during the week before Easter.

“There is a Redeemer Easter Reading Plan: RBC, the people who bring out Our Daily Bread, are offering a 10 day Easter reading plan. Sign up and you’ll receive daily Easter-themed email devotions for Thursday 11th April through to Saturday 20th April. Sign up here at

Wishing you all a holy and refreshing Easter,

David D.


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