Weddings at Kalbarri Anglican Church

Congratulations on your engagement. Weddings are a fantastic celebration of your commitment to each other. At Kalbarri Anglican Church we are excited about wedding celebrations.

God is a big fan of marriage; after all he created relationships in the first place. A God honouring marriage recognises that God created us as male and female and that the two shall come together as one, in unity, forevermore. Marriage also reflects the sacrificial, other-person-centred relationship between God and his people, the church. As Jesus gave himself for us on the cross, husband and wife are also to give completely of themselves to each other.

A Christian wedding will reflect this understanding of marriage and seeks to give God the glory and honour during the ceremony and their marriage. During a Christian wedding ceremony the bride and groom will declare their commitment to God and to each other under God’s kingship. It is important that couples fully understand what promises they will be making under God before they commit to a Christian Wedding ceremony. Weddings are conducted using the format outllined in the Anglican Prayer Book.

The minister will spend a number of sessions speaking with you about your relationship with each other and with God, and look at what a God honouring marriage is like according to the Bible.

To be married by the minister at Kalbarri Anglican Church you will need to commit to meeting with the minister a minimum of 5 times before your wedding. You will need to arrange these meetings with the minister a minimum of 3 months before the wedding. The first time you meet, the minister will conduct an initial interview with you outlining what is required. At this time you may also complete the Government Form: “Notice of Intended Marriage”. This form must be completed no later than one month before the wedding. Both will need to provide their original birth certificate and a passport or drivers licence to complete this form.

If either of you have been previously married you will need to speak to the minister to confirm your eligibility for remarriage. You will also be required to provide proof of divorce or a death certificate for each dissolution.

If you normally reside outside of the Kalbarri Parish we will put you in contact with another associate minister in your area to complete the marriage preparation and Notice of Intended Marriage.

During this preparation time you are expected to attend at least two Sunday church services.

An option given to each couple is to undertake pre-marriage counselling using the PREPARE course. This internationally recognised course requires each person to complete a survey of 165 questions that are then sent away for computer analysis. A comprehensive report is then sent to the minister who will identify with you your relationship strength areas and growth areas. PREPARE provides a number of useful communication and relationship enrichment tools that can be used throughout your marriage.

Weddings are usually conducted in the Kalbarri Anglican Church building.

Kalbarri Anglican church seeks to be a blessing to the Kalbarri community. We consider it an honour to be involved in your marriage preparation and your wedding day. As such, we do not charge a fee for wedding services. (If you wish you may make a donation to the church to say thank-you. These can be given in cash or direct deposit into the church’s account: “ANGLICAN CHURCH KALBARRI”, BSB:086886, ACCT: 517493, REF: WEDDING DONATION. We do ask that any expenses occurred are covered by you. These may include: undertaking the PREPARE course ($100); travel ($1/km) and accommodation expenses for ceremonies outside Kalbarri township; musician costs, cleaning costs, printing and other miscellaneous expenses as required.

We look forward to working with you to make your wedding day everything you dreamed it would be.


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