Christianity Explained

christianity-explainedIf you are not sure about whether you are going to heaven or if you think you would have trouble explaining to someone what it means to be a Christian, then this course is for you.

This is a course that goes over what is most important to know about Christianity – it is about the core of Christianity” according to our Minister – David.

The course is structured over six weeks and uses Mark’s gospel for most of it’s Biblical material. The first three weeks concentrate on who is Jesus. The last three weeks then focus on how to respond to Jesus.

Each session is less than an hour with morning or afternoon tea. Meanwhile attendees will have read through the whole of Mark’s account of Jesus life, and had the opportunity to ask as many questions they like about Christianity.

Christianity Explained is also presented in a non-confrontational manner. A person will never be asked to pray, read anything aloud or answer any questions in front of the group. Individuals can ask questions or decide to quietly observe. In this way it is appealing to all sorts of learning styles as well as confidence levels.

Michael Bennett is the Australian author of this course, which is now spreading around the globe. In a country like Australia where a best-selling Christian book may top 5000 copies, Christianity Explained has been purchased by over 50,000 Australian believers.

For more information please contact our minister David on (08) 9937-1244.


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