Serving With Your Gifts

In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul presents a wonderful image for the church – a body, made up of many different parts, which grows up into its head – that is, the Lord Jesus Christ – only as each part is doing its work.  It’s because of this vision that Kalbarri Anglican Church seeks to have every member serving in ministry. There are many different opportunities for service within Kalbarri Anglican Church – here are a few suggestions.

Each week, dozens of people assist in making the Sunday services happen. From leading the service and reading the Bible, to welcoming people at the door and providing some food for morning tea or supper, serving on the Sunday rosters is a great way to put your toe in the water of contributing to your church, and sharing the load.Of course, we run other programs during the week and we’d love your help with Bible Study groups, children’s ministry and other activities.

There are all sorts of ways that we can serve one another in very down-to-earth and practical ways. Whether it’s assisting in transport to appointments, or providing meals for people; babysitting or helping someone in writing a resume; short-term accommodation or technical help with the computer; these are moments of care that really make a difference. To offer or request practical help, contact a staff member.