Funerals at Kalbarri Anglican Church

Death is shocking. It stirs up a range of emotions. Even when death is not unexpected, it brings grief, pain and sorrow. Every society has developed rites to mark the passage from life through death and to commemorate the dead.  The Christian Church has funeral rites in which we honour and mourn the departed and lay to rest their mortal remains while placing our hope in God’s promise to bring new and unending life from death.

The funeral service leads mourners through a process and ritual journey in which the loss of one we love is acknowledged and thanks are given to God for the gift of their life and our place within it.  Then we listen and respond with the scriptures in which the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is proclaimed as the promise of new life.  Finally, we take our leave of the one we love as their last earthly journey to a place of rest begins.

Standing and weeping beside the grave of his friend Lazarus, Jesus said:

I am the resurrection and life,” says the Lord.  “Those who believe in me, even though they die, yet will they live.”  (John 11.25-26)

The service is conducted by an Anglican clergyman and follows Anglican customs. The minister will consult with the family to select the readings and prayers as well as music and hymns if included.

Members of the family will be invited to take part in the service if that is their wish. When arrangements are finalised an Order of Service is prepared and arranged to be printed.