Tropical Cyclone Seroja is heading for Kalbarri

Tropical Cyclone Seroja is heading for Kalbarri

As of midday, our time, Kalbarri has been placed on ‘Red Alert’, with Destructive Gusts of 110-140 kmph between 3pm Sunday 11th April till 2am Monday 12th April. Heavy rainfall of 40-60 mm is expected for 9 hours from around 4pm this afternoon (11APR21). As you can see from the midday track map the cyclone is heading just to the south of us, and will have a severity of either category 2 or 3 by then.

Cyclones are expected in the North West – but not usually this far south. We held our usual morning service today with a faithful 7 turning up, while the town went on yellow alert during the service. Of course we prayed about the forthcoming cyclone (apart from other things!) The Days are all prepared for the cyclone – we are just waiting.

Please pray with us;
** give thanks for many offering prayers during this time and supporting us with words of encouragement
** give thanks that the Lord is the one who controls nature and has his plans for our good, even during this time
** give thanks for the first responders in Kalbarri; for our police, firies, ambulance, SES, marine rescue, doctors, nurses and other first responders.
** give thanks for the timely warning given to tourists to evacuate our town before closures and shutdowns in the surrounding area.

Pray for …..
** shelter from the storm as it passes nearby the town of Kalbarri
** recovery after the cyclone – for cleanup and repairs to get things back to normal
** tourists to come back to ‘complete’ their holidays – we need the money flow in Kalbarri
** safety for people in town during the storm and afterwards, especially for our congregation
** Tropical Cyclone Seroja would be stripped of it power and bite before getting to Kalbarri (i.e. pray for the Lord’s mercy!)

Here is a prayer we prayed during the service this morning you might want to use;

Prayer for protection during storms

Heavenly Father,
You are our hiding place from the storm and the rain.
Keep all of us in the path of this storm safe
and defend our homes and property from damage.
Bring peace and protection and provision, we ask.
Thank You Lord, for Your great compassion and mercy on all Your children.
In Jesus name we pray,  Amen.

Thanks, David Day.


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