Coronavirus and Christ – Book Review by Laura Hurley

This is a review by Laura Hurley (Bluff Point) for our current audio book by John Piper, “Coronavirus and Christ” ….

Book Review Post: Coronavirus and Christ

When I heard that John Piper had written a coronavirus book, I was cynical. I knew he’d have good, true, helpful things to say, but honestly, I was weary of seeing COVID-19 clog up my news feed. Christian responses to the coronavirus, as helpful and truth-filled as they may be, was to me a saturated market, and I was over it. But after persistent and convincing glowing reviews, I succumbed. And I’m so so so glad I did.

Coronavirus and Christ is a short book, a mere two hours in audiobook format. But not a single word is wasted, as Piper concisely, persuasively and gently used the Bible to explain to his readers how God is fully present and sovereign over the coronavirus pandemic, and is in fact reigning over all natural disasters, all painful medical diagnoses, any crisis and all hard circumstances.

This is such a helpful book for Christians who are holding together a collection of ideas about God and suffering that you know must make sense, even if you can’t quite articulate how. The book helped me to formulate a theology and vocabulary to peacefully hold in tension what I knew to be true of God’s sovereignty and goodness, and how these fit together with the reality of suffering, sin and global chaos.

But it’s also a helpful book for someone with questions about where God is in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, or more broadly, where God is whenever life goes bad. For those who have watched Christians from a distance, curious (or even frustrated) by the peace they enjoy in the midst of crisis, this book will show you why we can enjoy such comfort and firm hope while the world around us is giving in to fear and despair.

And the icing on the cake? Both the ebook and audiobook are available for free. Feed your soul and set aside two hours to take in this book. And tell me what you think!

Laura Hurley

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