The End of an Era

New Life Op Shop is closing

It is with extreme regret that after 7-1/2 years the Kalbarri Anglican Church announces it will be closing its New Life Op Shop operations here in Kalbarri. Graham and Irene Dunn are retiring and despite our efforts and brainstorming, we have not been able to find a way of continuing at this time. All trading will cease mid-October.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this little Op Shop has been a marvellous success and filled a great need in our town. We are extremely grateful to the Kalbarri community and especially our wonderful team of volunteers for their kind and generous support in recycling re-usable goods to raise funds for worthy causes and helping the needy.

Over the years, we’ve been able to:

– help in emergency situations, e.g. food, petrol & accommodation

– help unexpected arrivals in town with food, clothes, furniture and other household goods

– provide work experience opportunities for those seeking employment

– fund-raise for at least one clean water well annually in the third world

None of this could have been done without the inspiration, instigation, co-ordination, time and untiring efforts of Graham and Irene – we sincerely thank them for their contribution and wish them well.

Rev. David Day

Minister – Kalbarri Anglican Church