A Prayer for New Zealand

A prayer of Christians for all those affected by the attack on mosques in New Zealand

Almighty Father,
you rule the earth and its people in love.
We pray for those torn apart through the ravages of terror in these New Zealand mosques today.
And we ask you to bring comfort and healing to the injured and grieving.
In a world of too much darkness,
give to all who exercise authority
determination to defend freedom and justice for all,
strength to protect and safeguard the innocent,
and vision to guide our world into pathways of peace.
In this time of uncertainty and fear,
help us all to love our enemies
and do good to those who hate us,
noting the example of Jesus Christ.
We look to him as the Prince of peace,
in whose name we pray. Amen.

Thanks to Sandy Grant from St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral Wollongong


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