Church Goes Solar

Church Goes Solar!

Recently, our church added some solar panels to our roof! Have you noticed them? Apart from generating electricity and putting it back into the grid, contributing to our costs – they also serve to remind us of our mission, “Turning the Tide in Kalbarri for Jesus”.

The ‘cross’ identifies our church building as a place where Christians meet, and reminds us of the sacrificial death of Jesus. You’ll also notice a line of solar panels leading to and from the cross. Irene thinks they indicate a pathway to the cross, and ultimately to heaven.

I also think they can remind us that the cross is not just a static moment in history; the forgiveness it purchased is moving through time and cultures to affect the world for Christ, expanding God’s family. I hope the ‘line’ will give us a sense of movement and direction in our personal and corporate service of Christ – how we use our time, talents and money to further God’s kingdom.

In Christ,

David Day



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